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Hollybush Primary Partnership at Hollybush Primary School

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West SILC’s Hollybush Partnership opened in 2009 on the site of the mainstream Hollybush Primary School.  West SILC's Hollybush partnership caters for pupils aged 3-11 years of age with moderate to severe learning difficulties and or communication difficulties.  We also have pupils with ASC and SEMH.  The aim of the partnership is to develop pupils' independence and confidence to manage their future, to develop their ability to make choices and communicate their feelings, opinions, wants and needs and to provide a coherent, structured curriculum that leads to an active life where learners engage fully with their community.  We aim to raise pupils' aspirations, equip them with the necessary skills and moxie (force of character, determination, or nerve) they will need to access all of the opportunities that are open to them.

We provide access to specialist teaching and to mainstream lessons.  Pink class provides an environment and curriculum that caters for our pupils' academic, social, emotional and behavioural needs.  We aim to cater for the pupil as a whole - their background, their barriers to learning and aspirations for the future.  The experience aims to be nurturing and restorative.  Our curriculum is always adapted to the needs of the pupil to ensure they meet their full potential!

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All SILC pupils at the Hollybush partnership have an EHCP which is personalised to meet their academic, social and emotional needs.  Pupils are encouraged to develop independence which is enhanced by mainstream inclusion opportunities.  Some SILC pupils make rapid progress in the Partnership and their pathway at the end of Key Stage 2 is to transition to the Priesthorpe High School Partnership.  Every student in the Hollybush SILC class has an inclusion timetable, detailing when they access mainstream lessons.  The time spent working alongside their mainstream peers varies according to need however, all pupils access assemblies, playtimes and dine with their mainstream peers.

The curriculum for Pink class is varied and rich.  We respond to pupils' individual requirements by actively adapting the offer for each pupil.  EHCP targets are central to each pupil's learning journey.  The academic curriculum we offer follows the curriculum of Hollybush Primary School as this is the school they attend.  It is a subect based curriculum, working towards Early Years, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 expectations.  Our broad curriculum aims to incorporate aspects of a wide range of life skills within  the context of our everyday lessons, for example using money in numeracy lessons or learning about food hygiene and healthy eating during our cooking lessons.  Our pupils take part in life skills trips, out in the community, where they are given the opportunity to practice skills such as road safety and stranger danger.  It is essential that our pupils develop a growth mindset which is why we aim to expose our pupils to new and challenging experiences with the knowledge that they will always have our full support.  

We value the relationships that exist within our class and directly challenge anything that may harm them.  Everyone in our class has a voice and the expectation it will be listened to.  We use the circle format to empower individuals to express their concerns and find solutions to their problems.  Pupils are taught as a whole group, in small groups and, as appropriate, with one to one support.  The Partnership aims to be mutually beneficial for pupils of both schools through collaborative working.  Pupils are encouraged to have a shared sense of belonging to both West SILC and Hollybush Primary School.  Pupils are taught in the SILC base by a specialist SILC teacher and are supported in mainstream lessons by specialist SILC staff.  Mainstream Hollybush pupils also benefit from this, working with SILC pupils and SILC staff in the SILC base and in mainstream classrooms.  SILC pupils are well represented on the Hollybush School Council and enjoy their own area within the school's garden for growing fruit, vegetables and flowers.  The staff at The Partnership work closely with the school SENCO and Headteacher to ensure that we meet the needs of all pupils.  A member of the SILC staff team attends Hollybush weekly staff briefing to keep up to date with what is happening in school. 

All pupils are accustomed to the following certainties set out for pupils working within the semi-formal curriculum:

  • Develop pupils' independence
  • Have high expectations of all our pupils
  • Ensure all pupils are engaged in their learning
  • Encourage and develop positive relationships
  • Personalised learning to challenge pupils and help them overcome their barriers to learning
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