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Christmas 2018

Raya, Savannah, Noah and Yusuf had a great time at the Variety Christmas party, they got to play in bubbles and snow and meet Santa.

Yellow Class

Noah and the Space Event

Noah joined his friends in Blue Class and accompanied them to the Yamsen space event held at Pudsey Civic in May 2018.  He really does like to mingle with the stars!

World Book Day 2018

In true Yellow Class style, (although an excuse is never needed to dress up) the students pushed the boat out for World Book Day in March 2018.  Well represented by all the students and the smiles say it all!

Children in Need

Yellow class made the effort and looked great in their ears and spots for Children in Need 2017!  They are always eager and willing to take part and give their very best!

Autumn 2017

Yellow Class have quickly settled back into routine for the autumn term and are enjoying lots of activities around the theme 'changes' with focus on light and dark and night and day.

We welcomed Henry and Yusuf to join our class.

Billy and Ebonnie have started going on life skills trips to Tong Garden Centre, here they are enjoying their toast! 

Yamsen Art Project

Ebonnie and Oliver had great fun, taking part in the Yamsen Art Project recently.  They worked really hard on their paintings related to the Leeds Liverpool Canal.

We are very proud of their achievements!

Special Olympics Sponsored Event

Billy and Ebonnie had a great time at the Special Olympics Sponsored Event in March 2017.  Billy made a new friend at the event and was charming as ever.  Ebonnie showcased her skills during the warm up under the parachute.  

World Book Day March 2017

We had a fantastic day on World Book Day.  Billy came as the BFG - have you seen the size of those ears!  Ebonie had a lovely hand made Rupert the Bear costume.  It really was a special day.

Spring Term Update - February 2017

This term we are doing the story 'One mole digging a hole', here we are 'enjoying the sun' at the end of our story. We have carried on the animal theme exploring spaghetti worms in messy play. As always we continue to work on our MOVE goals: Raya is working on her supported sitting and Ebonnie is making fantastic progress in her pacer!

Sensory Light Party

Yellow Class had a great time celebrating Jack's birthday by having a sensory light party!

And so to the new academic year 2016/17

Yellow class are quickly settling back into the new year and we have enjoyed getting to know pupils and staff. Here are our new pupils Ebonie, Ebonnie, Oliver and Raya. It already feels like they have been here forever! 

The Queen's 90th Birthday Celebrations!

Students at our Farnley Academy site really enjoyed being part of the Queen's birthday celebrations on Monday 13th June 2016.  They were invited to celebrate in style, taking part in a wonderful tea party with attire very fitting to the purpose.  Lots of flag waving and smiles all round.  A truly memorable occasion for all involved.

Summer Term 2015-16

Yellow class have got straight back in to some hard work after the half term holidays, making the most of the weather with water play whilst working on our MOVE sitting skills.

Spring 2015-16 Newsletter

Lots of exciting things have been happening in our Farnley Academy partnership during the Spring term.  Please see the attached Newsletter for further information.

Yellow class have enjoyed getting to know our new story for this term 'The Gruffalo'. We have been learning out to use our new 'Phyzzpod' switch trolley. Here Ellie Mae is activating water sounds with her feet! They have also had fun dancing and listening to visiting musicians from South America. 

Bat & Ball Play

Yellow class are developing skills linked to bat and ball play during their Special Olympics MATP sessions.  

Billy was really interested in the strings of the racket.  

Ben moved his hands to touch the balloon ball and remained engaged for 10 minutes plus!

Ellie-Mae wore her head pod to keep her head up while she tried to hit the ball with her racket and both Ellie Mae and Billy played together, battling the ball with their hands.


Dig Dig Digging!

Yellow Class have settled back into school following the Christmas break and got straight into their new transport topic. Here they are doing their sensory story "Dig, dig, digging!".

Christmas 2015


We had our tree trimming at Farnley last week which really got us in the festive spirit. Here Mohammad is hanging up his salt dough and glitter creation!



Autumn Term 2015-16

Now we are well into the autumn term everyone is feeling settled and busy. Here Abdullah is really enjoying making music whilst looking at himself too and Ibrahim is enjoying exploring shaving foam whilst working on his sitting.


Decorating Treepage separator

A big welcome  to the new pupils in Yellow class Jack and Ben.  Everyone has settled back into the school routine.  We have particularly enjoyed our sensory dance sessions to the Beatles and One Direction - here is Billy dressing up for "What Makes You Beautiful!"

We had a great day celebrating MOVE Day on Tuesday 2nd June with a "MOVEing to the Beat" event - the pupils at our Farnley partnership celebrated with a  Conga around the Farnley site!  A great time had by all! 



There was real fun and excitement at our Farnley Academy partnership on 30th June 2015 with a Performance of Paint by Interplay. Wades sponsored the event and the students had great fun with the paint, with their hands and feet covered!  We had huge pieces of paper to paint on and had music to chill out to during the event.  Here you can see the pupils mark making with paint on their feet and Alice enjoyed listening to the violin during Interplay's performance of Paint!

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