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Orange Class

Orange Class – KS4 & 5 Specialist Behaviour Provision

Orange class provides an environment and curriculum that caters for our pupils’ social, emotional and behavioural needs. Pupils join our class from a wide variety of locations. We make sure our learners and their family are at the centre of any discussions about appropriate provision. We deal with the entire person including their home, their past and their future. The experience is always nurturing and restorative.

It is essential that our pupils develop a growth mind set, which is why we aim to expose our pupils to new and challenging experiences with the knowledge that they will always have our full support. We value the relationships that exist within our class and directly challenge anything that may harm them. Everyone in our class has a voice and the expectation it will be listened to. We continue to use the circle format to empower individuals to express their concerns and find solutions to their problems.

Our approach has improved pupil's self-confidence and awareness. It allows them to gain a better understanding of their behaviour, take responsibility for their actions and manage the consequences.

Our pupils are guaranteed 5 consistencies. We will:

  • Ensure that students can achieve and make progress
  • Use affective language
  • Ensure there is a restorative ethos
  • Make learning accessible and recognise students’ needs
  • Ensure all learning opportunities are captured


 If you would like more information please contact John Mace john.mace@westsilc.org


Spring/Summer 2015-16 Update

When we returned to school in January we received a wonderful letter from the children and staff at the Leeds Children's Hospital, thanking us for all the work we had put into raise the money to buy them their presents. Everyone got a real buzz from this project and we’re looking to set ourselves a new challenge next term.

Unfortunately the floods affected one of our activities, Blueberry Hill Studios was badly damaged and is only just about to re-open. Thankfully we were still able to get access to some drums in school. Although setting up a drum kit is a lot more complicated than I’d realised!

We’ve continued to access Jamie’s Ministry of Food, one of our newer pupils, Daniel, has had some great feedback about his skills in the kitchen.

One of our big focuses is on preparing pupils for work. Micky and Ryan have been on a number of visits to look at job opportunities, they should both be starting their placements very soon.

We spent a fantastic day at the Rhino’s stadium doing some work around choices, consequences and staying safe. Everyone got a lot out the event and we’re hoping to do similar work with other groups in school.

Kyle: “I enjoyed going to the stadium and we learned a lot about keeping things private online.”

Luke: “I thought it was really good. We got to talk about lots of different things.”

This term we’ve also had the chance to join with Purple class and a number of students from Leeds University. We’ve played lots of fun, exciting games and considered how we can all be healthier and happier.

A couple of pupils have been swimming and we’ve continued with the badminton at Leeds West Academy. Building on all the skills we learnt from the smash up event, we’ve also been helping some A Level pupils complete their assessments.

We’ve also been doing lots of team work and communication activities

Autumn 2015/16 Term Update

The students have had lots of exciting and positive experiences during the first term of this academic year in accessing community faciilties.  

Recently students were given the opportunity to experience what its like using a bank and spent time in the local branch to help them understand what's involved in looking after money.

The students continue to develop their empathy skills and help members of public in their community.  Recently they worked hard on raising money for children in hospital and set up a drop box for the public to donate gifts for Christmas.  The students embraced both of these opportunities, showing great maturity and empathy to those that might benefit from a little extra sparkle this Christmas!

Nevertheless, their competitive side continued and they gave it their all and achieved first prize at the Sainsbury's Games!  Well done to all who competed!


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