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Lemon Class

Spring 2015-16 Newsletter

Lots of exciting things have been happening in Lemon Class this term.  Please see the attached Newsletter for further information.

College Carousel

Students in Lemon class have opportunities to access the college carousel course.  This allows students to gain a taster of the different courses available at college for them to consider once they leave the SILC.  

The favourties this year are hair and beauty and animal care.

Life Skills

The students work on lifeskills together and enjoy learnign about things that will help them in every day life.  Trips into the city centre allows them to gain valuable experience and an understanding of independent travel and catching the right bus to get to their destination.  We also extend the life skills work within the classroom and help students to learn valuable money skills in maths and practice their reading skills.  Students have ample opportunities to learn about self help,  personal care and making a meal.  The students find the PE sessions and making healthy choices with food an enjoyable part of the curriculum.   We find our circle time invaluable for the students and is  a fundamental part of our restorative practice ethos.

Work Experience

This academic year we have seen in-house work experience opportunities for many of our Post 16 students.  Students had to complete an application form, go through formal interview and wait to hear whether they had been successful in securing one of the work experience places.  Here Martina is helping play with pupils in the complex communication and autism area.

Work exp
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