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Green Class

Special Olympics Sponsored Event 2017

Three students showcased their skills at the Special Olympics Sponsored Event in March 2017.  Oliver can throw a ball into a net without missing now!  Klaudijus helped with warm up under the parachute and Ryan was extremely pleased with himself when throwing the ball.  It was a super event and the students really enjoyed themselves!

Green Class

Food Art

This term we have been creating Art using various types of food.  Here are some of Green class using flour and food colourign to create a textured picture and some u sing pasta to create a rainfall picture.

Green Class also produced some Christmas Cards which they then sold to help raise money towards the Special Olympics.

Yamsen Art Entries

Some of the students have been busy preparing their Yamsen entries.  Ryan decided to do the city at Christmas and picked the Town Hall as his silhouette.  Klaudijus and Oliver all produced their art by listening to Vivaldi "Winter" to create their masterpieces.  Here are some of the finished entries!

Life skills sessions

Patrick, Oliver and Klaudijus had lots of fun doing their weekly shop at Asda as part of their lifeskills session.

The Queen's 90th Birthday Celebrations!

Students at our Farnley Academy site really enjoyed being part of the Queen's birthday celebrations on Monday 13th June 2016.  They were invited to celebrate in style, taking part in a wonderful tea party with attire very fitting to the purpose.  Lots of flag waving and smiles all round.  A truly memorable occasion for all involved.

Spring 2015-16 Newsletter

Lots of exciting things have been happening in our Farnley Academy partnership during the Spring term.  Please see the attached Newsletter for further information.

Green Class have been working really hard during this term.  

Holly has worked really hard on time telling and painting a prop for the sensory drama session with Patrick and Ryan dressing up as part of  the session;  Klaudijus showed his talent by playing the Saxophone during sensory dance and both Ryan and Klaudijus enjoyed the Wizard of Oz characters on World Book Day.

Patrick and Ryan enjoyed dressing up as Egyptians during our visit to the past in sensory drama. 

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