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What we do

Violet class provides an environment and curriculum that caters for our pupils’ academic, social, emotional and behavioural needs. Pupils join our class from a wide variety of locations. We make sure our learners and their family are at the centre of any discussions about appropriate provision. We deal with the entire person including their home, their past and their future. The experience is always nurturing and restorative. Our curriculum is always adapted to the needs of the pupil to ensure they can succeed in life!

Students are all working around Key Stage 2 to Lower Key Stage 3 expectations. Because we provide a curriculum focusing on independence and individualised learning, we have a diverse range of year groups represented within Violet class from year 7 through to year 11. Pupils all have an EHCP highlighting their SEMH needs with some pupils requiring specific behavioural support that has not been provided in other provisions. Pupils often have additional needs which impact on their learning and development such as limited executive function.

The curriculum for Violet class is varied and rich.  We respond to pupils’ individual requirements by actively adapting the offer for each pupil. EHCP targets are central to each pupil’s learning journey. We ensure that pupils are provided with appropriate support to enable them to achieve academic accreditation in line with their aspirations and to provide them with the necessary life skills towards achieving appropriate levels of independence.

It is essential that our pupils develop a growth mind set, which is why we aim to expose our pupils to new and challenging experiences with the knowledge that they will always have our full support. We value the relationships that exist within our class and directly challenge anything that may harm them. Everyone in our class has a voice and the expectation it will be listened to. We continue to use the circle format to empower individuals to express their concerns and find solutions to their problems.

Our approach has improved pupil's self-confidence and awareness and we ensure pupils are given opportunities to increase their sense of self-worth and build their confidence in a range of social and formal situations. Our restorative approach to supporting pupils with their emotional needs ensures they are given the opportunity to reflect on and understand how behaviour can impact on their social world.

All staff are wholeheartedly committed to raising our pupils’ aspirations. We actively encourage pupils to explore their individual preferences in order to help them choose appropriate post 16 provision. Our ‘Learn to Earn, Learn to Live’ curriculum provides pupils with opportunities to develop essential life skills and we offer weekly trips out in the community to practice these skills in ‘real life’ situations.

From day one we strive to effectively prepare our pupils for adulthood. ‘Learn To Live’ focuses on the everyday occupational necessities of life, such as personal care, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, financial management, social independence and relationships to name a few. Our broad curriculum aims to incorporate aspects of a wide range of life skills within the context of our everyday lessons, for example using money and budgeting in numeracy lessons, or learning about food hygiene and healthy eating during our cooking lessons.

‘Learn To Earn’ provides our pupils with realistic and practical goals in line with their vocational aspirations. We will endeavour to provide all pupils with opportunities to explore their personal interests and to discover and develop ideas about potential careers when they leave school.

All pupils are accustomed to the following certainties where we.

  • Cultivate a restorative environment
  • Develop pupils’ independence and employability
  • Demonstrate the belief we have in our pupils
  • Motivate and engage our pupils.
  • Ensure accessible learning, recognising our pupils’ needs

We intend to:

  • Develop pupils’ independence and confidence to manage their future.
  • Provide a coherent, structured curriculum that leads to an active life where learners engage fully with their community.
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