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2015-16 School Development Plan

Learning Journeys

The government are allowing schools to develop their own assessment systems since introducing assessment without levels. At West SILC we have worked with two other outstanding special schools to develop our assessment system to accurately recognise the progress all our young people make.






P1i-P3ii Pre-verbal and marries with Intensive Interaction outcomes

Farnley Academy

Stepping Out

P4 expanded to allow progress through fine steps and generalisation of skills including the development of early language / signs or symbols; sociability; interacting; attention; independence and physical skills.

Farnley and CCA

Pacers and Strides

P5 to NC3 English, Maths

Semi-formal /Bungalow / Hollybush

Steps to Success

Functional skills English, Maths and ICT

Post 16

Boxall Profiling

In addition we have integrated our Boxall profiling assessments for students with social, emotional and mental health needs in to the same system.

Marching On

We are currently development assessment criteria to measure other successes that we value, which should be fully in use by September – these include:

  • Money skills
  • Time skills
  • Independent travel skills
  • Using a phone
  • Personal care etc.

We are also traffic lighting additional factors which can impact on our student progress.

Boxall Profiling(1)

All these assessments are captured three times per year.  Staff will share these assessments during the year.

Priesthorpe Partnership

Priesthorpe have transferred to new GCSE scoring for assessment, however currently there is a gap between the more challenging lowest grade at GCSE (level 1) and Entry level so additional levels have been slotted between.

Priesthorpe SEND Assessment Grades for English & Maths

2017 GCSE grades




GCSE grade 2 Secure

Old  / level 4



GCSE grade 2 Developing


4Ba, 4Ae, 4Ad, 4Ac, 4Ab

GCSE grade 2 Emerging


4Ca, 4Be, 4Bd, 4Bc, 4Bb

2017 GCSE grades




GCSE grade 1 Secure

Old G / level 3


3Aa, 4Ce,4Cd, 4Cc, 4Cb

GCSE grade 1 Developing


3Ba, 3Ae, 3Ad, 3Ac, 3Ab

GCSE grade 1 Emerging


3Ca, 3Be, 3Bd, 3Bc, 3Bb

2017 GCSE grades





EL2 Secure

Weak NC Level 3





EL2 Developing



EL2 Emerging



    CASPA above /  PIVATs below
EL1 Secure Old level 2a 2B.2 2B.4 2B.6 2B.8 2A.0
PIVATs 2Ae 2Ad 2Ac 2Ab 2Aa
EL1 Developing Old 2b 2C.2 2C.4 2C.6 2C.8 2B.0
PIVATs 2Be 2Bd 2Bc 2Bb 2Ba
EL1 Emerging Old 2c 1A.2 1A.4 1A.6 1A.8 2C.0
PIVATs 2Ce 2Cd 2Cc 2Cb 2Ca

Complex Communication & Autism Team

The Complex Communication and Autism Team are further refining Stepping Out to include criteria from SCERTs®. (The SCERTS® Model is a research-based educational approach and multidisciplinary framework that directly addresses the core challenges faced by children and persons with ASD and related disabilities, and their families. SCERTS® focuses on building competence in Social Communication, Emotional Regulation and Transactional Support)


Earwig enables teachers turn these images into individual records and presents these as a timeline for every class, activity group, subject and each child. The interesting bit for parents is that Earwig also provides a secure login for every parent, so that they can see each new record. This gives parents access to see what their children are doing at school. We intend to launch the app to parents during the summer term. During the year staff will be collecting evidence of fun activities and evidence linked to their assessment.


Global Learning

Our global learning objective is for our students to better understand the world they live in.  Our project for 2015-16 is around personal safety, behaviour and welfare.  We undertook and audit and our action plan was created.  So far this academic year:

What We have done already and what we are planning to do

  • World’s largest lesson, Black History Month and World Kindness Day
  • In February 2016 we celebrated Chinese New Year and participated in Safer Internet Day
  • In March we celebrated St Patrick's Day and fundraised for Sport Relief
  • In June we will be having Heart Rhythm Week, with one of our pupils leading on the initiative
  • In July we will be holding "Brazil Week" in celebration of the Olympics.

What's Next

Curriculum Review – Diversity and British Values

Scheme of work – British Values

There is additional information available regarding the 17 Global Goals.  Please click on the following link:


You can also read more about our Global Learning Action Plan in the document below.

Anti-Bullying Charter

We are working towards the Anti-Bullying Quality Mark Bronze level and have already formulated our implementation action plan.  So far we have:

  • Created a Steering Group involving Governors, SLT, School Council and Staff
  • We have reviewed the school development plan
  • Reviewed the existing anti-bullying policy
  • Created an action plan for working through the quality mark and gaining Bronze level.
stop bullying
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