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School Council

West SILC School Council was set up in September 2008. Our school council is group of students, from the main and partnership sites, who are elected or chosen to represent the views of all pupils and to improve their school. The school council meet regularly, about once a month, to discuss and sort out a range of issues. Some of the issues the council have discussed are:

  • Making our school a nicer place
  • Lunchtimes
  • Fund raising ideas and activities
  • School events (such as the talent shows and Take Over Day)
  • Behaviour

We have used questionnaires to get the views of most of our students. Our reps have also been involved in recruiting new members of staff.

The members of the school council this year are:

Armarni, Lilly, Lucas, Bobbie-Jo, Alisha, Aleesha, Shantel, Kyle, Jackson

Having an effective school council is very important so we can:

  • Enable children and young people to be active stakeholders in their school
  • Give a ‘voice’ to our students
  • Provide an extra network of communication throughout the school
  • Assist with organisation of special events and fund raising activities
  • Add an important dimension to the review of behaviour management and associated policy and practice
  • Build pupil’s confidence and self-esteem
  • Encourage shy and disaffected pupils to be more involved
  • Offer pupils the opportunity to learn additional valuable skills

Latest School Council meeting minutes can be downloaded here:

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