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West SILC College - The Powerhouse

The SILC's vision is to encourage learners to be as independent as possible by giving them appropriate opportunities in recently sourced state-of-the-art premises.  The SILC expects learners and their parents and carers to feel they are "moving on" towards college and young adulthood.

Post 16 moved to the Powerhouse in May 2016.  There are 28 learners on site supported by 7 members of staff.  A commercial kitchen has been installed and it is the SILC's intention that learners will run a cafe for staff and visitors.  They already cater for their own lunches.

Learners are taught in small groups with work differentiated to meet their needs.  They follow a programme of Foundation Learning.  The Foundation Learning Curriculum focuses on development learners' abilities to use basic skills in "real-life" situations, similar to those they will encounter in future life.  Learners benefit from increased opportunities to understake work placements in the community and participate in school based work experience.

Each year a number of learners transfer into Post 16 from the SILC Main Site or the Priesthorpe partnership.  The progression route from the SILC is to a placement on a college course or employment.  At present they stay at the SILC for 1, 2 or 3 years.

Learners engage in planned activities to develop their personal, social and wider key skills, along with Functional Literacy, Numeracy and ICT.  There is a strong emphasis on developing confidence, independence, taking responability for self and developing employability skills.  Learners are assesed using Learning Journeys.

The strands to Foundatiion Learning include:

  • Functional Skills, English, Maths and ICT
  • Personal and Social Development
  • Vocational Learning
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