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Our Awards

School Games Bronze Award

The School Games Mark is a Government led awards scheme launched in 2012 to reward schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their school and into the community. Schools in England are able to assess themselves across bronze, silver and gold levels awards.  We are very pleased to announce that we have achieved both the Bronze and Silver awards.




Silver Quality Mark(1)
Schools Games Silver Award(2)bronze mark logo

Silver Quality Mark

We have worked with the Youth Sport Trust,  a charity that believes every child has a right to be physically active through quality PE and school sport to achieve the Silver Quality Mark award.  We achieved this award after demonstrating how PE and school sport has the power to develop young people’s potential, helping them to be healthy and happy, succeed in life and contribute to society.


MOVE Centre of Excellence

Our MOVE accreditation permeates throughout our provision.  We hold the added accolade of MOVE Regional Centre of Excellence within our Farnley Academy Partnership. The MOVE Programme is a unique activity-based programme focused on the skills essential to independence within the home, school and community. It draws together knowledge from the family unit, education, therapy and social services in six steps, to teach severely disabled children and adults the skills of sitting, standing, walking and transferring. This takes place within the context of meaningful, everyday activities practiced in the child’s/adult’s normal setting, in their school/centre, at home and in their community.

We were very honoured to have our MOVE Regional Centre of Excellence Accreditation re-certified on 1st October 2013 by Her Royal Highness the Countess of Wessex; it was a very special occasion for our our pupils, our staff and our families.  It was a day we will never forget! http://themovepartnership.org.uk

Healthy Schools

I n February 2015 The West SILC was awarded the continuation of Healthy School Status. A visit from our Healthy schools coordinator last month to view progress resulted in our award of Healthy school status being continued. Many of the actions recommended were already in progress the grades are as follows:

Personal, Social and Health Education was found to be good and outstanding.

Healthy Eating good and outstanding with the recent introduction of food ambassadors and the running of the choices programme. to rehydrate regularly.

Physical Activity In this area we had some gaps in our audit leaving but we received good in some things.  Our policy is currently being updated and should soon be in place.

Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health This is an area in which were outstanding in each aspect of the criteria. Much of our everyday practice which we may take for granted comes out strongly, to support this judgement.

Our self-validation is valid for three years before another re-validation is necessary. During this period, a full day assessment will be arranged to externally assess our self-validation (this is likely to be either Spring or Summer term 2016).   


Stephen Lawrence

West SILC submitted the evidence for the Stephen Lawrence award in June of 2012 and achieved the Award in Autumn 2012. In order to meet the standard we evidenced much of the work which was already being carried out to promote equality and diversity the school. The schools ethos is


  • We aim for all our pupils, irrespective of social class, age, gender, ability, religion, race or creed to:
  • Develop confidence, independence and self -esteem.
  • Actively contribute to their own learning.
  • Develop respect for themselves and others.
  • Enjoy and achieve their full potential.

We started by carrying out an audit of the SILC using the standards criteria and drew up an action plan. We had to meet 13 points of criteria and evidence these. Some of the pathway to achieving this standard meant ensuring our practice was rigorous in its equality and some meant celebrating diversity in a discreet way. For example, a fun day in the SILC looking at the life of travellers.

In achieving the standard we worked together, staff, students, parents and governors. We continue to uphold the principals of the award and these are embedded in our practice.



Active Schools

Active Schools has a leading role in developing a sustainable network to support schools and their children in Leeds to impact on:

  • PE (literacy, learning, leadership) - Raising achievement in PE
  • Sport (Coaching, competition, clubs) – Increasing participation rates and influencing habits for life
  • Physical Activity (Enjoyment, engagement, exercise) - Making inactive children active
  • The Active Schools vision is:
  • "To become the best city in the UK for excellence in PE, Sport and Physical Activity"

The Active Schools values are:

Achievement Confidence Team Work Inspiration Vision Enjoyment

Active Schools comprises a strategic and operational lead, a support officer lead and a Steering Group incorporating Head Teachers, SGO’s and partners such as Children’s Services, Sport and Active Lifestyles, Public Health, Youth Sport Trust and West Yorkshire Sport.

Active Schools logo3(5)

Inclusion Chartermark

The Leeds Inclusion Chartermark Framework is a self review process which promotes schools as problem solving, learning environments which review their inclusive practices and policies.  It aims to do this by helping schools to examine their inclusivity of that practice, focussing on leadership and management, climate and ethos, curriculum teaching and learning, relationships and partnerships and resources.  Effective inclusive practice is charaterised by the ethos which permeates across all sectors of the school community.

In order to receive the Chartermark award we had to set up a School Core Team, who could provide a rich and varied contribution to the elements of the chartermark.  We conducted a self review of Leadership & Management, Equality, Action Planning and Evaluating Impact.  A team of school staff worked with a critical friend to produce a porfolio of evidence in preparation for a validation visit.

At the validation visit, our portfolio was scrutinised to ensure that we had met the requirements of the chartermark and to certify the evidence supporting our claims.

It was a very reflective process and we are very proud of the award - inclusion is not just about meeting the needs of pupils with SEN, but about all of those who are vulnerable to not being fully included, to belong and achieving.


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